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Hydro Trailer on Lake Powell

Summer is not over yet, the sun is still shining  and temperatures are still perfect for getting out on the water and enjoying a day of  playing with your toys.

This shot comes from Thad and the gang  who just had a recent trip out to lake Powell , one of the most beautiful places on the planet to do some cruising and camping on your personal watercraft.

With miles of unpopulated shorelines, tight canyon coves to hide in and plenty of fresh air , you never want to leave.  At least with the hydro trailer in tow you can bring some extra supplies along to extend you visit for a few more days.

Below is some video from this trip , thanks for sharing  Thad!

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Summer 2012 Hydro Trailers Shipping !

Well it’s July of 2012 and not only is it the middle of summer, its the middle of Hydro trailer season.  As the 2012 summer vacation season season takes off, many parts of the country are experiencing record heat.

For many the solution is to head to the lake, river or bay for some water sports. Which means the Hydro Trailers is in high demand and the phone calls are coming in daily for new Hydro Trailers as well as parts and supplies to fix up the units out there in service already.

We get a lot of calls from people that had never heard of the hydro trailer before and are excited to get one and go exploring with the confidence of being able to take along extra fuel and provisions, which is great for those that like to utilize their PWC for camping and exploration.

The Hydro Trailer also makes a great floating platform for a day on the lake of zipping around and wave running, allowing riders to detach the hydro Trailer in a shallow cove or shoreline  and drop anchor or just  beach it !

That way when your done riding around you can come back to your hydro trailer and fuel up or grab something to eat, and sit on the beach for a while  with all the comforts of home.

So give us a call now and we will box a Hydro Trailer up for you and ship it out !

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Hydro Trailer 2012 Spring Has Arrived!

Well its officially spring time here in the United States and we are getting ready to start shipping Hydro Trailers out.  As the weather warms up and people start breaking out their Personal Water Craft to go exploring , there is always a need to carry more “Stuff”..

More and more people are discovering the Hydro Trailer , a one of a kind Personal Water Craft Cargo carrier. Don’t be fooled by knock offs and inflatable products that don’t compare with the quality and design of  the Original Hydro Trailer By Quadel Industries.

The Hydro Trailer was developed specifically for towing at high speeds behind a personable watercraft and tracking beautifully under all kinds of water and weather conditions.

Hydro Trailers have been used by the Navy Seals, the Coast Guard, lifeguards and many different rescue units. Its also used by private industry liked Robert Wright of the research vessel Arctic discover. The Hydro trailer is used for fishing, diving and much more.

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