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Hydro Trailer Shipping

The Hydro Trailers ship  on regular freight carriers like USF Reddaway or Oak Harbor they are too big to ship on UPS , so if at all possible it’s best to try and have them shipped to a business address as opposed to a residential address , this will save you money in shipping.

When shipping one or more Hydro Trailers we always box and palatalize them to ensure they get to your destination in good shape as seen in images here.

After MFG and processing the Hydro Trailers are inspected one last time before they are shipped out, we check the inside and outside and make sure we include the Hitch Kit and flag which are stored inside the compartment when shipping.

We then place the 2 Gas Cans in the back compartment and wrap in plastic before placing them in their shipping boxes.

We then Palatalize the Hydro Trailer , up to 4 per pallet and then strap them to the pallet to make sure they stay on during transport.

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Hydro Trailers Shipping Summer 2011

Well the summer PWC season is starting to kick into gear and we are shipping Hydro Trailers to dealers all over the country.

So if your looking to purchase a Hydro Trailer or become a dealer please call us at 1-800-Buy-Poly and we will take care of you.

We recently added 2 new dealers one in Alberta Canada and the other in New Jersey so if you are in those areas we have dealers near you!

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